Golden Creek Olives

2295 Meeniyan-Promontory Rd
Fish Creek, Victoria, Australia, 3959
T: 0428 304 477 or 0413 016 624

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Established in 1999, we are an olive grove and olive oil making facility at Fish Creek, South Gippsland. We specialize in producing the highest quality varietal Extra Virgin Olive Oils from our estate-grown olives. As we receive an abundant annual rainfall in our Southern Gippsland region, our trees are not irrigated, allowing the olive fruit to gain the best possible oil quality and flavour characteristics. Our trees are naturally grown in our groves without the use of herbicides or harmful pesticides.

We planted and manage the trees, pick and process the fruit and store and bottle the oil on-site with attention to sustainability and quality management. We chip the pruned olive tree branches and the mulch is used under the younger olive trees, on the vegetable garden and in the fruit and nut tree orchard. We transport the pomace waste to a dairy farm where it's fed to the cows on the revolving milking platform. We focus on recycling to make the best use of resources and minimise waste.

We have planted seven varieties of oil-producing olive trees, spread over three groves:

We net all the trees to minimise loss of fruit to birds and the fruit is hand picked from mid-May through to mid-July and is cold-processed on-site within 24 hours of picking.

This year, we offer Five varietal estate-grown extra virgin olive oils, each with a free fatty acid level less than .3%, these are: Frantoio, Leccino, Coratina, Koroneiki, and a blend of Arbequina & Picual (Spain). The five oils each have their own aroma and flavour characteristics in fruit, bitterness and pepperiness and present clean palate-fresh flavors representing the best qualities of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

We also process olives for olive growers in the surrounding regions, using our state-of-the art machinery in a pristine facility. Deliveries are scheduled to ensure no delays in processing occur when the fruit is delivered and strict batch control and traceability, along with hygiene management of the fruit, equipment and containers is followed.

Our operation and extra virgin olive oils have achieved Code of Practice Accreditation in the Australian olive industry; developed to provide consumers with confidence that signatories to this Code have undergone rigorous procedures to certify that their grove management, processing and products meet the highest industry standards.


Click here to purchase our oil online. You can also visit our Grove:

Golden Creek Olives
2295 Meeniyan-Promontory Rd,
Fish Creek 3959
Mobile: 0428304477 or 0413016624

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Love, Sweat & Passion
The year of farming activities at Golden Creek Olives has been included in a beautiful book called "Love, Sweat and Passion", released in November 2016. The book is a celebration of South Gippslands incredible food, wine and landscapes; encapsulating the seasonal stories in text and photos of seven passionate farming businesses. Uri Fogel, Jenny O'Sullivan and Jillian Staton have produced a beautiful book in which our story has been included, we are very thrilled.

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