Golden Creek Olives

2295 Meeniyan-Promontory Rd
Fish Creek, Victoria, Australia, 3959
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The mellow days and kind winds of late summer have been replaced by autumnal tones in the skyline and green grass. The fruit ripening is 2 - 3 weeks later than previous years which is consistent with our other fruit and vegetable crops, olive skin color changes are slow and flesh is still white in most cases. We've had perfect weather conditions for putting the bird nets on the olive trees to retain as much fruit as we can and so far we've had no storms to cause havoc with fruit retention or dislodging nets (so far!). Our "early" fruit picking will be 9-10th May to produce our "Olio Fresco" - a vibrant green Koroneiki oil, with a very 'olive' aroma, creamy, moderate bitterness, a grassy fruitiness and a lasting pepper - soooo fresh! This will be a 'special' release in June.

We have quite a number of bookings for processing olives for other growers already, indications are that it will be a very busy harvest and processing season. We’re busy with on-farm sales, supplying our loyal and appreciated retailers and our Prom Country Farmers’ Market attendees; it’s a small market but has a good variety of stalls from local producers and a great community feel. We enjoy retailing our oils and talking to consumers about the wonderful flavours and uses, qualities and health benefits to be gained by choosing to use fresh Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Andrew and I have made the decision to put Golden Creek Olives up for sale.

The 100 acres of beautiful rolling hills and the groves, processing facility and home will be swapped for a 4.8acre block in Foster. We have developed Golden Creek Olives over 17 wonderful years but feel it's time to move on and let a younger family take over and either continue with the very worthwhile lifestyle balance of part-time work and farming or perhaps plant more trees and expand the processing schedule and tourism opportunities to make it a lucrative business. Paragreen Real Estate are managing the property sale and it can be viewed via:

Our boutique varietal extra virgin olive oils are building in popularity each year. Our passion to separately pick each variety of fruit and process it at what we judge to be the optimal time to achieve the best flavors has paid off, with oils winning awards in the National competition for the last 9 years. The oils are vibrantly dissimilar to each other and this enables us to please lots of different palates. If a restaurant wants us to produce their own unique style of extra virgin olive oil, we can blend our varieties to suit their wishes. Virgin Olive Oil Competition - 2016. Our Frantoio oil won a Silver medal and the Leccino and Arbequina/Pucial oils each won Bronze awards.

The varietals available from the 2016 harvest are:


Come and visit us at the Prom Country Farmers' Market or call and make a time to tour the grove and sample some of our boutique varietal oils, we're sure you'll taste the difference!

If you are interested in becoming a new customer, mail delivery, visiting our grove or have any other inquiries please email us at: or Telephone: Andrew 0428 304 477 or Lyn 0413 016 624.

Andrew and Lyn Jamieson


The Australian olive industry has developed a Code of Practice to provide consumers with confidence that signatories to this Code have undergone rigorous procedures to certify that their processing and products meet the highest industry standards. The Code of Practice Certification Symbol is the industrys method of guaranteeing the authenticity and quality of its products. It distinguishes quality certified Australian products from all other products in local and international marketplaces.

In addition to the olives being grown in Australia, certification includes organoleptic and chemical compound testing. We are proud that Golden Creek Olives became signatories to this Code of Practice in 2008 and continue to be recognised as producers of oils of excellence.